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They have a joint ownership

condo living

People with a stand-alone house owns the whole unit including the land it is sitting on. Most townhouses are like this. However, condos bring a new concept altogether. Since this is a large and compact building with many apartments, people buy the inner space of their apartment. The outside of the building, public areas like the elevator, corridors and the land are owned by the condo developers jointly with all the buyers of the units. This kind of sharing requires clear and accurate agreements to avoid conflicts in the future.

They have shared amenities

The cost of building a swimming pool in your home compound is too high for most people. Likewise to other facilities like a gym, a movie hall and an equipped laundry area just to mention but a few. However, these and more are common in condominiums. Their developers always include new common amenities to make their condos unique. All these are to the benefits of the people who will buy or lease the units in a condo. In most cases, these services are never paid for after one has bought a condo unit.

They are affordable

The latest housing reports in Canada indicate that more people can afford to own a decent house. What is more is that these people are buying these houses at a relatively younger age. Most of the condo buyers are young families, who are trying to establish their lives. These units are said to be over 40 percent cheaper than the stand-alone homes. The reduction of price is attributed to the fact that most amenities are shared. The land is also shared among all the occupants and the developers.

One more thing that makes condos more affordable is because developers build at a cheaper cost. Most of the walls are shared as opposed to stand-alone houses. Buying of bulk construction material makes all the difference as well.

They promote social living

condominiumsPeople who live in condos, whether bought or rented, are in a better position to make new friends than those living in an own compound. People meet as they share the corridors, elevators and the common amenities. Some condos have eating and drinking joints where people can meet and share ideas. Some reports indicated that living in such a community expands people’s minds to learn new things.


Most of the Canadians have embraced the idea of creating more condos with time. Developers are working round the clock to make sure that the country can meet the demand for these housing.